Monday, October 19, 2009

April Shower APHC Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge 2-Pack Each Lasts Four Months

Treat your skin and hair to a new definition of clean. These replacement cartridges fit the April Shower Euro Hand-Held and Royale series of shower head filters to keep your water running pure and clean.

Two APHC cartridges are included in each pack, and each long-lasting cartridge offers three to six months of premium filtration. The APHC cartridges rotate easily for versatile adjustment. Periodic reversal of the cartridge is recommended to enhance the unit?s self-cleaning properties.

"It is an amazing product. I have been getting Malibu treatments done way too often to remove the rust tinge my hair would get from the hard water. Now my hair feels so soft and my skin feels healthier and is softer. I would recommend this product to all with hard water problems." J. VanDamme, Rock, MI

"It was very easy to install and works well! Both my husband and I appreciate the ease of use." J. Jones, Wichita, KS

Technical Details

  • Replacement filters keep your APHH and HRH5 series going strong
  • Long-lasting cartridges provide 3-6 months of quality filtration
  • Pure, soft, pH-balanced water brings a new level of clean to your shower
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  1. Very informative post.
    Mats Lundkvist

  2. A good shower filter is suppose to remove Chlorine from your water. The best types of shower filters have KDF mixed with carbon. KDF is a special media that not only removes Chlorine but many other contaminants in the water.

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  4. APHC osmosis filtration system is totally different. I found a site there has lot of information about zapping device. It may helpful of everybody.