Saturday, March 14, 2009

Replace your Watts 5-PK-4SV water filter with this

Watts 5-PK-4SV Premier 1-Year 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filter Kit, 5-Pack

Want to replace your Watts 5-PK-4SV water filter with a new one? Use this.

4 stage reverse osmosis replacement filter kit. This kit contains one year worth of replacement filters for your four stage reverse osmosis system.

This kit contains two (2) Sediment, two (2) Carbon Block, and (1) 6" GAC Inline Polishing Filter. Replacement filters are standard 10 inch replacement filters, so they will fit the Watts Premier reverse osmosis systems as well as other standard 10 inch filter housings.

Refer to your system installation and operation manual for proper filter change out procedures. To ensure ease of installation and maintenance we have here on staff a full customer service and technical support team you can call for assistance.

Your reverse osmmosis water filter replacement kit
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