Monday, March 9, 2009

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit - Find an Effective Alternative

Whether you are buying a home or have been a long time home owner, it is important to look into water filtration. If the home already has a reverse osmosis water purification unit you need to find a safe and effective alternative.

Typically, the real estate agent will know the answers to most of these questions. However when it comes to your health, you should do some extra research on your own. Investigate if the home contains a reverse osmosis water purification unit or another type of filtration device.

Finding out the pros and cons of what system the house already has in place is a good idea. Some systems are made with excellent workmanship and parts, while others are cheaply manufactured and do not filter reliably. With a little investigating, you can discover the safest and most affordable living space for your family.

When it comes to a reverse osmosis water purification unit, the filters are a big issue. While some of these systems are effective, they can be quite expensive for long-term use. This is because you have to replace the filter elements on some modules. When you are trying to figure out your monthly expenses for a new home, this can really add up.

Discover the different types of filters on the market. There are various kinds of carbon filters available. Some reviews praise the solid carbon blocks as being more effective than granular activated carbon filters. These smaller carbon filers are sometimes referred to as in-line filters.

It has been discovered that the granular activated carbon filters tend to leak carbon powder. Then what happens is this substance can clog up your entire system. When you own a home, expenses like this are totally avoidable. That's why you have to plan ahead to prevent such issues from arising.

Carbon block filters are not prone to leaking and last longer. They also do not put carbon residue in your water.

Reverse osmosis purifiers have other issues. Sometimes a reverse osmosis water purification unit allows dangerous chemicals like chlorine and herbicides to pass through its membrane. In addition, such a system will strip water of the healthy natural minerals it already has that our bodies need.

Don't worry, there is an alternative to a reverse osmosis water purification unit. You can get a whole house water filter that doesn't rely on such a harmful and expensive process. In fact, you can even get one that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Now that is what you need as a happy homeowner.

Kevin Proctor has studied health related issues for over 8 years. His research led him to realizing the importance of pure water as it relates to overall health. Kevin discusses what he has learned on his website, For more information about water purification and to see the affordable and effective water filter systems he personally recommends visit his website now.

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